Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Book Review: Shaolin Burning

Title: Shaolin Burning 
Author: Ant Sang
Year Published: 2011
Genre: Graphic novel, Historical fantasy, Action

I don’t usually read much graphic novels. They’re usually really big and have more than 1 volume which puts me off. But I am glad I read Shaolin Burning because I really enjoyed it.

Shaolin Burning is a story about a young girl, Plum Blossom, who is trained in a new Kung Fu style. She is determined to prove herself by challenging the most dangerous man in China. Little does she know the history of this man and his link to the 6th monks who escaped the attack on the Shaolin Temple.

I am a big fan of Kung Fu having grown up watching martial art films, so I am familiar with the saying ‘all martial arts originate from Shaolin’. This graphic novel depicts exactly that and more.
It is full of fight scenes with graphics of the Shaolin Temple being burnt down and heads of innocent people being chopped off but there is something deeper than that in this novel.
I felt pity for the evil man in this story. He is a dangerous man on a path of revenge, but his actions leave him empty.

The graphics in this novel are a blend of ancient China and modern punk. The main characters are drawn to be tough and rough without the drag of ancient Chinese robes but the era is not lost with the background and subtle details on the clothing.

Be warned, the names and titles in this graphic novels are translated from Chinese so they may sound a little odd and long in English.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It was like watching a modern take on an old martial arts film. I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch martial arts films or likes reading action novels. I know I will be looking up Ant Sang, the author, to see what else he has done. 

Terri's Rating: 4/5

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